OOTD: Coney Island Casual

I was going through photos on my computer and realized I never got around to posting my outfit photos from my day trip out to Coney Island. Before summer leaves us and these photos no longer make sense I figure I better post them! Better late than never I hope...


Sephora Cream Lip Stain: Swatches & Review

Today I want to review a product that's been one of my longtime loves: the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains. Initially I purchased shade 01 - Always Red and my collection has grown from there. There are a few shades that I don't have yet but I want to review and swatch the ones I do have for you as I've gotten my hands on the colours I think are the prettiest (though there are a couple more I have my eye on). 


OOTD: Boho Black Lace

Today's outfit post is a little repeat of an outfit I wore on the first day of the Governor's Ball festival I went to way back in June. I've had these photos on my computer for ages and have been deciding whether or not I was going to post them but I figure I can't wait to post until I think it's 100% perfect or I'll probably never post anything! So yes, I'd rather have photos from the middle of a field to capture the festival vibes of this outfit and how it was when I wore it the first time but alas here are my photos in the concrete jungle rather than the real one. 

I decided I wanted my festival wear this year to veer off slightly from the denim cutoffs and crop top that we've all seen quite a lot of over the years! I decided to go a bit more boho and slightly witchy with this look because who says you can't wear all black in summer? 


Interior Inspiration: Summer Bedroom Updates

As the weather has gotten warmer I've realized that my current room decor needs to be lightened up a bit. While my style tends to be relatively light and minimalistic anyway, there are a few minor changes I wanted to make to my room to suit both the new warmer temperatures and the summer aesthetic.

Starting with the absolutely necessary, I changed out my sheets and removed a couple of layers. New York is a city of pretty extreme seasons so what was once appropriate for the negative temperatures of winter is slightly less appropriate in the scorchingly hot and humid weather we're currently facing. Switching out flannel sheets for a set of cotton sheets helps my bed stay fresh and airy, as does removing the extra two blankets I had on my bed for winter. I have white bedding on my bed all year round but I think if you have a darker duvet in the winter then switching it out for something light or a pastel shade can really help to brighten up your room and keep things feeling fresh. I think all of the below sets really reflect the brightness I like in a room. There's just something about having white bedding that makes your bed feel that bit more clean, crisp and fresh to get into.

Summer Bedding
From top left clockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4


Natural Summer Makeup: Drugstore Edition

Today I decided to share with you my quick and easy everyday summer makeup using all drugstore items! 

Summer's a time when I sometimes feel silly using super high end products as half the time you don't know when you'll be jumping into a pool and washing it all off. Don't get me wrong, I still love my high end pieces and use them when I know I'll be going to certain events but I can't justify using my special products for days that my makeup might only be on for an hour or two.


OOTD: Flight Attendant Chic

Today's outfit post features this dress that I have absolutely fallen in love with. This is the kind of dress that I could have easily walked right by on the rack and dismissed as ugly but for some reason it caught my eye and I decided to give it a chance and try it on and the rest is history. 


Bite Beauty: Watercolor Lipgloss Library Review

Today I feel like reviewing a product that I've had laying about for far too long! I want to say I bought this set well over a month ago, possibly even two months but it got lost under a pile of work clothes and I just completely forgot about it until the past couple of weeks *hanging my head in shame.* Anyways, better late than never is the phrase I'll go with here so without further ado here are my thoughts on the Bite Beauty Watercolour Glosses.